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Your Health has been Hijacked


Best Seller!


A riveting expose’ of the health crisis harming us and our children, challenging conventional thought on diagnosis and treatment. What is stealing your health? How about your children? You need to know!

"If you're ready to pull your head out of the sand and have your eyes opened, then open the pages of this book and get started. Your health HAS been hijacked. You better believe it."
Carol Jones - Editor

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A Critical Book For Critical Times

From toxic chemicals in every sector of our daily lives, to government and pharmaceutical Industry corruption and cover up, to a medical profession that has lost its way - sanctioning sick care over healthcare - and violating some of the most fundamental principles of the healing arts - we are sicker than ever before!

If we fail to recognize what is at stake here, and do not stop the madness, we are relinquishing control of our health, and the health of our future generations, to those who have already demonstrated an alarming neglect of their responsibility to do what is morally, medically, and ethically right. Our Health Has Been Hijacked, And It's High Time We Take It Back!


Your Health Has Been Hijacked


"I’m a skeptic at heart. I don’t ride too far from the middle of the road in most areas of life. I'm not a fad chaser nor a bandwagon rider. I take everything with a grain of salt. If you want me to believe what you have to say, you better have some proof to back it up. I mean real proof. Not fabricated stories, or false inferences, or junk science. In part, it’s how I’m wired, and in part, my experiences in life have trained me to be this way. 

Working on this book has been a bit unsettling for me. If I’m honest, it’s made me a little unsure about how I feel about the medical profession as a whole, and it has certainly raised some red flags about the pharmaceutical industry. The notion that people do unscrupulous things for the sake of a buck is not a foreign concept, but the realization that it is so widespread among industries who are supposed to be for my good, that’s mind-blowing. 

I have not been the same since working on this book. I can’t walk through the grocery store without seeing labels meant to convince me something is healthy when it isn’t. I can’t watch the news without hearing “facts” about some new drug or “safe” vaccine without rolling my eyes because I know they aren’t telling the whole story. I look around my home, and I see toxins everywhere. 


If you’re ready to pull your head out of the sand and have your eyes opened, then open the pages of this book and get started. But be prepared for it to change the way you shop, and eat, and clean, and care for your body. Your health HAS been hijacked. You better believe it."


Carol Jones 

Editor of Your Health Has Been Hijacked

"Reading the tome of this 35-year-practicing doctor feels like having a fireside chat with your neighbor. There is none of the usual medical doublespeak and hyperbole, just a straight forward, honest presentation of the facts, supported by clinical research and statistics, that any layman can understand, and any medical professional should appreciate. However, the author doesn't sugar coat the severity of our circumstances. Our toxic, chemical-laden environs comprise a monumental assault even on the healthiest immune system, impacting brain function and overall longevity. The "better living through chemistry" experiment has created a sicker population than ever recorded in recent history.  The good news is, one can only conclude that the human body is an amazing organic creation that, given the right care and support, can overcome most anything. Otherwise, we should all be dead! "


Gwen Olsen

Author of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher



"This book is a must for every home library, in fact every medical library as well. It takes the reader thru not just the big picture of living a natural lifestyle but also the nitty gritty for those that want a deeper understanding of our bodies. Dr. Reed makes it easy to walk into a better life and have healthier emotions. He connects the dots completely! Give this book as a gift to everyone you love as well as every skeptic. His knowledge and wisdom stands the test of time and is a movement for change towards living with awareness and using our own God-given voices." 

Jodie Meschuk

Author of Speak Up Buttercup 

Authority on autism recovery and a mom who will never stop until every child is healed. 

"The world needs to know the information in this book. We CAN combat and adapt! Knowledge and awareness are the keys to better health."

Deborah Warner Ph.D. in Nutritional Science

Clinic Solutions-Houston

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