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Dr. Tom Reed
Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Surgeon • Author • Researcher • Speaker  Farmer • Entrepreneur

"There are an estimated 50 trillion cells in the human body. Each cell is a perfectly orchestrated symphony in design - a masterpiece of miniaturized complexity so astounding that even the most sophisticated icons in science can’t help from being humbled by the miracle set before them."  Dr. Tom Reed

Dr. Reed is a double board certified, award-winning, medical and surgical specialist who has invented devices and surgical procedures designed to improve orthopedic surgery. With over thirty-five years experience, he has seen a wide variety of disorders including diabetes, obesity, vascular disease, high blood pressure, dementia, various forms of cancer, musculoskeletal and biomechanical disorders, and more.

In recent years, he has focused on researching and teaching about healthy lifestyle practices as the preferred alternative to chronic disease and medications, emphasizing the importance of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing to overall health. He teaches these principles to both  national and international audiences.


Dr. Reed has been married to Evangeline (Angel) for thirty-four years, and they have five children. They  own and manage the Sanctuary Blueberry Farm in Montgomery, Texas, a pick-your-own farm, where they share organically grown blueberries from over 7,000 plants.The Reeds also host healthy lifestyle classes and events year round and serves as a hub for healthy lifestyle co-ops and information for their community.


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