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Your Health Has Been Hijacked

Dr. Reed has written a riveting exposé of the many ways that our health has been stolen by the very people we've entrusted to protect us. From toxic chemicals in every sector of our daily lives, to government and pharmaceutical industry corruption and coverup, to a medical profession that has lost its way, sanctioning sick care over health care, and violating some of the most fundamental principles of the healing arts -- we are sicker than ever before. If we fail to recognize what is at stake here and do not act to stop the madness, we are relinquishing control of our health and the health of our future generations to those who have already demonstrated an alarming neglect of their responsibility to do what is morally, medically, and ethically right. Our health HAS been hijacked, and it's high time to take it back!  


A blockbuster, a must-read, a stunning indictment of those that profit from our ill-health!


Your Health Has Been Hijacked

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