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Child Psychiatrist Addresses Getting Kids Back in School

I was recently part of press conference with doctors addressing the many damaging aspects the CoVID 19 lockdowns, facemasks, social distancing, and the unprecedented restrictions placed on doctors who want to help their patients treat the symptoms instead of helplessly waiting for an older person to go into the hospital - and we all know what happens more often than not. The blatant and self-serving misinformation reported by WHO, the CDC, and their minions, and parroted by the main stream media, social media platforms, and other wanna-be news outlets, has ripped apart the very fabric of our way of life, causing unnecessary harm to millions and unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands in the United States . The health power brokers don't want anything to get in the way of creating a FEAR narrative, which facilitates power and control and also push for a vaccine (that can't work - another story coming up) so they are actively dismissing ANY therapy that doctors find work to easily cure the symptoms of CoVID 19. This is like the worst horror show playing out in the real world. Tens of thousands of people in the US have died unnecessarily and the perpetrators must be held accountable. Much more to come on this.

So, what about the controversy surrounding the return to school issue. Should kids just go back? Is there a reason to keep schools shut down? What are the chances that a child will contract CoVID, or transfer it to parents of grandparents? Can that even happen? I will address this more in an upcoming post, but this short 15 minute video is exactly what people need to hear at this time. It is one of the most important presentations that you will hear regarding the psychological impact on our children returning to school with the current model being promoted nationwide. For access to the complete press conference with the nine doctors and  organized by Senator Bod Hall, Texas, go to Senator Hall's FB page and school down until you see the video.

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