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Dr Reed Speaks on Coronavirus to Tea Party Gathering February 22nd 2021

Here is the link to the presentation I did recently at the Montgomery Tea Party meeting. It is approximately 2 hours in length. I discuss everything from origins of SARS 2 coronavirus that reportedly causes COVID 19 disease, biowarfare, actual fatality rates, PCR testing fallacies, masks, experimental biological agent chemotherapy (vaccine), and the effects all of this can have on our children.

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06. März 2021

Great presentation to the Montgomery County Tea Party. Key points in the presentation can be found at the following: The first 44 minutes is about the SARS virus(compared with other pathogenic diseases); at 44 minutes starts the ~25 min. summary of the ineffectiveness of masks - been sayin'; and the last part at 1:07:00 starts the Vaccine discussion.

Gefällt mir
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