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Vaccine Safety Questions: Check Out This Adverse Event

Bell’s palsy is being reported with the COVID vaccination. You can bet there will be more neuro complications like what occurred with the swine flu vaccinations. Also, RNA vaccines are not understood well enough to give carte blanche approval IMO. Neurological manifestations, anaphylactic shock and other allergic reactions, pregnancy concerns, HIV positive testing, and more, are reasons to put the brakes on these RNA vaccines until adequate safety and efficacy studies have been done - and that takes time. If people want to get vaccinated anyway, then go for it, but don't force it on the rest of us. Don't be surprised if you can't travel in the near future without your - mark - your proof of vaccination. It is already in place - some countries have already put in place restricted movement unless vaccinated.

Please pass on to others. There is more to come. I am part of a larger group of docs who are appalled at what is taking place with the pandemic misinformation and push by the global power mongers to vaccinate everyone and control our lives in so many other ways. It is very real and, for the sake of our children and future generations, we need to fight back. Don't be sheeple!

“That was my patient with a reaction to FluMist. She developed influenza encephalitis. She went to 5 hospitals before she could get treated because her mom said it was a vaccine reaction... this is why vaccine hesitancy exists to begin with. Patients do not get acknowledged or cared for acutely more often than is publicized.”

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