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Coronavirus Update 3: A Pandemic at The World’s Doorstep? What to Do Now

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

So, I am looking at the spread of this disease around the world and all of the media attention being given to it. As I mentioned in my last Blog post, the COVID-19 virus is not anywhere near as proliferative as the 2019-20 flu virus here in the United States. The CDC reports over 30 million flu cases versus 14 actual cases of COVID-19 originating here in the States with an additional 42 evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and 3 repatriated from Wuhan.

However, the CDC and WHO have made it clear that it is not a matter IF the virus hits the US, but WHEN. What that may look like is anybody’s guess. I know one thing, some of the medical pundits that are seen on the major news channels discussing this virus don’t know what they are talking about half the time. It seems like they do some cursory research or parrot info from the CDC, WHO, CIA, and other regulatory agencies before the show begins and then regurgitates it out like they are the authority . And people believe it! I am not an authority either, but I do my homework to get as much clarity as I can from the many reporting sides of the issue. Revealing truth in a sleight of hand world takes a bit of work these days, especially when a lot of the real truth is being purposefully removed from our access. Who determines the truth we hear anyway? Those with power and money!

So how fearful and how prepared should we be? Good questions! Since there are so many unknowns because of the disinformation and fear mongering coming from both sides, it’s hard to say. As I mentioned in my last post, I am more concerned about leaks (purposeful or accidental) from the Wuhan BSL4 bioweapons lab (the most serious and deadly type) and others like it around the world, than I am about the pathogenicity of this particular virus. And I don’t always trust the government, power brokers, pharmaceutical industry, or mainstream media (who the aforementioned own) to tell the truth about such matters.

Having said that, we just really don’t know about the potential harm this could all do. In China alone, there are now more than 77,262 confirmed 2595 deaths - about 3% fatality – and 80,000 reported cases worldwide. This mortality is higher than the flu but lower than past SARS 1 and MERS coronavirus infections and spreads quicker and easier. Officials in China also said that 1,716 healthcare workers have been infected by the coronavirus, 1,102 of them at the epicenter in Wuhan. Six of them are dead. Including the director of Wuchang Hospital, Dr. Liu Zhiming who died from the infection at age 51. He was the second doctor to gain international attention from dying of the COVID-19 virus. The first was Dr. Li Wenliang, who noticed seven cases that looked like SARS and got in trouble for warning fellow doctors about the seriousness of the impending coronavirus outbreak, and then died from the disease itself. He was just 34 years old.

So where do we go from here? Well, don’t panic – at least not yet – but don’t be naive or complacent either. There are a lot of moving parts to this (soon to be confirmed) pandemic and lack of knowledge or disregard of the personal and global implications could harm you and your family. Even the stock market and the import/export businesses around the world are being negatively impacted by this global event. One first line of defense to stop the spread is containment and quarantine! Stop people and tangible goods from moving around. Exports from China are being selectively restricted, and the stock market is feeling the pinch. Make no mistake, we are heavily dependent on China’s exports, as is most of the global marketplace. BTW, THAT represents world domination without bombs! The travel industry also stands to lose billions with the border closings and flight restrictions. There is containment and quarantine of people in homes, communities, ships, hospitals, and other ways that we don’t even hear about.

How about our own health risk? Should we be concerned? I think everyone would agree that protecting the health of families is important. When the primary caretakers of a family are down and out and can’t work everything seems to go into a tailspin. There is loss of productivity, income, time, and family relationships can even be strained. When kids are sick, they are out of school and need to be taken care of as well. Sickness can spread in the family and to others.– you can’t even give your kids a hug! Anything like this is a real bummer. Been there!

So, don’t go there. Be proactive instead of reactive. When you are reactive, then you may not be able to get the supplies that you need when you need them, and THAT can be a huge problem especially when someone is lying in bed sick with fever, barfing, and coughing so hard that you think they are going to stroke out – which is possible! Do you know what flies off the shelf at the grocery stores every year at the beginning of the cc/flu season? Elderberry syrup! Yep! So, we have learned to keep some on hand in case the nasty flu bug hits us for some reason. We are even planning to make our own elderberry syrup and to grow our own plants in preparation for next year. Elderberry has been shown to have impressive anti-flu virus properties. If viral infections do hit, we know exactly what natural remedies to use to mitigate the symptoms. Overall, we stay pretty healthy, but even when we do get sick, it is usually mild because of the natural remedies that we use. I can tell you that it was much different in our family 15 years ago, before we started our healthy lifestyle journey. We got "sick as a dog" (origin: ~1705) at times, just like everyone else around us - but not now.

In today’s micromanaged healthcare system (all for the bucks), we are told to be sure and get a mostly ineffective flu vaccine (for example) with very toxic ingredients. It does very little to prevent the flu, can give you the flu, and can cause a number of serious side effects, none of which you are told about by the person who assaults you with a needle - don’t get me started…just read my book. Oh, and then there are the Big Pharma corporate rapists who line their pockets with your money and laugh at you for putting up with being a guinea pig for their poisons that are not even safety tested. My mom was a victim of Big Pharma. She committed suicide at the hands of Big Pharma. She was put on four psychotropic medications – and it was all unnecessary - and then committed suicide as a result. She was just doing what the doc told her to do. Labeled side effects of these medications? Suicide and/or violence ideations, and other not so pleasant effects. I will tell that story in a future post. I have heard many other similar stories.

Do you know what Big Pharma REALLY wants? They want your children – they want to drug them and own them – it’s true. They are the white collar “pusher man.” If they can get to your children, they most likely have control over them for an entire lifetime - it's good for business. And, did you know what some pharmaceutical reps call the physicians that they visit to push their poisons? - “whores” – true! I was a whore for 24 of my 37 years as a surgeon. Now, they don’t step foot in my office to see me.

Sorry, I digress. There are some things to do to be proactive. And you know about the early bird… In the circles that I hang with, people are already stocking up, so some things you may not be able to find easily – especially the essential oils ( the oils in plants that serve to protect the plant and us as well ) and some herbs that I will mention. Here is a flyover of my recommendations that have traditionally been shown to be very effective.

Basically, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle (what does that mean anyway?- read my book!) can help support our immune system. However, more awareness and protective measures are needed on a daily basis in today's toxic world, especially when there is a threat like COVID – 19, a SARS 2 virus. There are NO antibiotics or vaccines to help with this, so we have to rely on our own immune system to fight the battle for us. FYI, while the typical surgical masks that you may see in pictures can help some to reduce entry of airborne microbes into the respiratory system, , it is not the most effective. N95 masks are a better option should you be faced with that concern. There are better masks for those that want even more protection, but you don't necessarily need the ones that make you look like Darth Vader. The eyes also should be protected by wearing glasses of some sort.

The more tools the immune has available to help fight the battle, the better the chance of healing, whatever health compromise you face . And, it just so happens that nature has provided us some very effective tools to help. Not to say that any of these will absolutely protect against specific infectious organisms like SARS 2, but this is what my family chooses when infectious threats are imminent. And we have a lot of confidence in these tools.

During the entire cough, cold, and flu season, we use a variety of essential oils, elderberry syrup, garlic, honey, Vit C (whole food source), whole food Vit/mineral supplements, Vits A, D and C are especially important – all of which are rapidly becoming mainstream now that science is confirming their protective health benefits. But it is very important to know that there are a LOT of junk products out there. Most vitamin supplements available in the marketplace are synthetic and are not used by the body the way that natural nutrients are used. So, they are pretty much a waste of your money in my opinion. I took that junk years ago as well, so I am guilty. I just didn’t know that there was a difference.

But, there are some great supplements as well – though, not many. Whole food supplements are a better choice. Also, most of the essential oils out there in the marketplace are adulterated in some way and therefore not so pure and therapeutic as you would expect. The quality is not there, and toxic chemicals can be used in the processing of an essential oil. So, quality does makes a huge difference. Purchase only therapeutic grade. But even then, you want an oil that has been tested through gas chromatography and/or mass spectrometry to make sure that the essential oil compounds responsible for the therapeutic effect are at the highest levels. The better the oil, the more it costs, but the less you generally need. Very few essential oils companies go through this process. They just buy from wholesalers and may not even ask for the essential oil quality reports, even if they are done. There are quality oils out there as well. You just need know which ones they are and where to get them. My opinion? Don't compromise here.

Even honey can be a problem. Honey can contain nasty chemicals that are sprayed on the plants that are transferred to the hives by bees. Vit C is a big one. Ascorbic acid (most is synthetic) is NOT the entirety of Vit C which is a complex with bioflavonoids and other compounds. So, you need whole food Vit C to get the full benefit. There is much more. Again, it's all in my book.

If you would like more information on healthy lifestyle options, just contact me and also join my Reed Between the Lines Newsletter on the home page of this website.

Also, you can get a signed copy of my book with free shipping (US) which is available on this website. It is an eye-opener into the underlying causes of our health crisis with solutions to keep you and your family healthy for generations to come.

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