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CoVID-19 Update 4 : The Invisible Enemy - Pushing Us Into The Arms of Insanity & Economic Disaster

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic continues to create panic around the world. It is reported that much of the global population is now living under various pandemic-related restrictions as the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide approaches 1,900,000. Masks, gloves, social distancing, panic and long-term fear, suicides, unprecedented reports of hospitals overflowing with patients with this terrible disease and a shortage of [LD2] life-saving ventilators are being highlighted on the 24-hour news cycle outlets. Long-standing businesses are going down, unable to sustain the financial drain from the quarantine. People who want and need to work, can’t – life seems to be at a standstill.

Reports from Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, Iran, and the United States show unprecedented health and economic devastation. This invisible enemy, as it is called by some, is spreading around the world with impunity. Researchers are working around the clock to find a cure, and it has been said that human life on the planet will never again be the same as a result of this pandemic. Bill Gates, reported as an authority on global health issues, along with other philanthropists and world leaders tell us so. The Gates Foundation has committed billions of dollars into research funding for vaccines to save the world. Is that their true goal – saving lives? Or is there more underneath the surface?

We all have been given health safety tips and some mandates. Are you being careful when you go outside the house - wearing masks and maintaining a six-foot distance from others, using elbow taps, gloves, and being sure to keep your hands below your shoulders and away from your face? Did you know in some places[ that if you are not cooperative with social distance mandates, you can even be arrested? We are encouraged through the various news outlets and health authorities that if we are good and compliant citizens, together we will defeat this enemy that is destroying our way of life. But we are also being prepared for some drastic changes as a consequence of this virus which will affect us permanently.

Is all this really true? I mean, the recommendations, mandates, and our responses to those are true, but[ is the virus really the monster that it is reported to be? Does this pandemic warrant a worldwide shutdown and near global economic/financial collapse? And the invisible enemy – is it really the virus? We are hearing about coronavirus 24/7 from so many sources and perspectives that it is hard for us all to get straight exactly what is going on here. Is it really time to panic, to hunker down at home and prepare for the worst? Well, stay with me here as we read between the lines to uncover some truths that are not being reported, but perhaps are more important than the pathogenicity of CoVID-19. There is much more to know if we are to survive this current crisis and adequately prepare for the real monsters that are expected show up in the near future. To be sure, all is not well in Camelot. And, just so you know my position, I do not believe that Bill Gates is the knight in shining armor that he portrays himself to be. Our lives ARE being manipulated and hijacked, by him and many others in positions of power. You better believe it!! Another topic for the future.

Raise your hand ( just keep it away from your face ) if you are tired of being quarantized, marginalized, chastised, compromised, disinfectized, disenfranchised, merchandized, and supervised. I know I am. Even my medical/surgical practice is taking a big hit. Most other doctors are as well and most have shut down their offices or have very limited hours and staffing. People won’t come into the office for FEAR of being around others who may be infected with the coronavirus, even though they may really need to see a doctor. Hospitals are on lockdown and have put all nonemergency/nonessential surgery cases on hold until the end of April in my area.

Businesses of all kinds are have shut their doors, and approximately 3.5 million people have applied for unemployment benefits. And as usual, the politicians are making nonsensical decisions this during crisis. The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer for example, has gone so far down the rabbit hole that she has prohibited the sale of fruit and vegetable plants and seeds in retail garden centers of nurseries and essential stores. She claims they are nonessential. Whaat! Has she lost her mind?? Wouldn’t it be better since we have to stay at home to grow some of our own food?

So, what is the truth of this CoVID-19 pandemic and who is the real enemy? Is turning the world upside down really necessary? There are a LOT of conspiracy theories about this whole pandemic running rampant on the internet and especially on social media platforms. Is there any truth in these X-File type conspiracy stories? Is it all about money and power playing out on the global stage? Or is it simply the out-of-control viral infection narrative that the politicians, [LD21] the WHO, the CDC, the mainstream media and others (very wealthy people) are reporting to us as we watch this horrible drama unfold every day?

I believe that there is much more going on than just a viral pandemic. It will take a couple of blog posts to unravel all of the players and nuances, but I will provide some very important information that is sure to make you think twice about what is going on underneath this pandemic. Just watch for it and join my email list to keep updated on future posts.

Let’s look at the big-picture stats to show that what you are looking at is not the real truth about CoVID-19 cases and mortality. In upcoming blogs, I will explain what is behind it all as best as I can with the information that I have been able to dig up and verify. First though, it is abundantly clear by the preponderance of evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus did not originate from a seafood market or anything close to that. The evidence shows beyond a reasonable doubt that it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Biosafety Lab (BSL) -Level 4 approximately 25 miles away from the reported epicenter of the outbreak. The worst pathogens known to man are researched in these high-security labs, including SARS 1 and SARS 2 coronaviruses, for the purposes of developing bioweapons. What is not known is if the release was accidental or intentional. If you want to read more on this, go back and read my first three blog posts on coronavirus. In addition, I have also listed a link below to a newly released documentary which is well sourced and leaves little doubt about the origins of the virus, the purpose of the research, and the major players involved. It is a real OMG jaw-dropper. Sit down with your family and watch this – everyone needs to know what is happening behind the scenes and prepare for the future.

Updated Link to Video - Let me know if It doesn't work for Some Reason

As of April 12, Easter Sunday, the confirmed number of global cases are 1,831,000 and reported deaths are 113,000 which translates to 6.1% mortality worldwide in DIAGNOSED cases. In the United States, there are reportedly 545,830 cases, and 21,474 deaths which translates to 3.9% mortality, again, in DIAGNOSED cases. The number of deaths per 100,000 people in the US is .003%. But these stats do not actually represent the true number of cases since people with subclinical and mild-to-moderate disease are more likely not to get tested or go to the hospital and go unreported. So the death rate number is even smaller than that. The unreported case estimates globally are all over the board, but they are high nonetheless, and a significant factor. The health officials base policy on the reported cases, which are a gross distortion of actual cases. In China for example, the estimates of unreported cases were as high as 800% above reported cases. Here in the US, many reports indicate that the number is also much higher than just the confirmed cases. But it is just not possible to tell how much higher without testing everyone in the nation for SARS CoV-2 antibodies, which is highly impractical, unwarranted, and can have many other societal repercussions.

Also, about those death stats: Let’s look at these another way. In the United States the official reports indicate that approximately 97% of those reported to be infected with the CoVID-19 virus will recover. That is pretty good. But even more clarity is offered by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, respected as one of the country's most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the negative impact vaccines. She shared the following stats on a recent Tweet: 28% of US counties have NO cases, 80% of US counties have 25 cases or less. 86% of all cases are located in just 6% of US counties. And that is a reason to shut down the country?? Hold on, there is more. About 80% of those diagnosed with CoVID-19 have mild symptoms, 13-15 % have mild-to-moderate symptoms, and 3+ % have severe symptoms and most of them recover. Yes, there are hot spots where the virus is moving though highly populated communities - mostly in New York - but as a whole, the entire country is relatively free from infections. Where are the cases to warrant a nationwide shutdown? Is the fact that you don’t see all of these cases BECAUSE of the shutdown and social distancing? Nope! I will explain why in my next blog post.

Here is more information about the death rate being distorted. Did you know that the CDC has recently added guidelines for official death certificates to list CoVID -19 as the cause of death even though NO TESTS for SARS CoV-2 were done to confirm that the patient actually had the virus? That’s right! If someone has a medical condition with attending pneumonia-like symptoms and dies, they can list CoVID-19 as the cause of death even if a test was not done. Or if someone dies in a traffic accident and also tests positive for the virus, the cause of death can be listed as CoVID-19 instead of dying of injuries from the accident. That artificially increases the reported mortality rate.

Is it fair to compare the incidence of coronavirus to the flu? Yes, it is, in my opinion and in the opinion of other docs as well. The CDC estimates so far this season there have been at between 39 and 56 million flu illnesses in the US alone, with 410,000 hospitalizations and 24,000-62,000 deaths. The symptoms and course of CoVID-19 are very similar to the flu. Without a test, it is difficult to tell them apart. Studies also show that a person can have both an influenza virus and the SARS CoV 2 virus at the same time. One main difference between them is that the CoVID-19 RO value – the ability to pass on the infection to others - is a little higher-but in the same ballpark. So, the coronavirus is easier to pass to others and has a stealth nature because it can pass to others before symptoms occur. However, the influenza virus is much more common and causes many more deaths than CoVID-19 has so far. Many more deaths? Why doesn’t the country shut down over the flu deaths? Also, some studies show that the flu vaccination increases susceptibility to other respiratory viruses like the coronavirus. This may put flu-vaccinated individuals at greater risk, especially in the older population. From a comparison standpoint, measles has an R0 of 10 to15 and pertussis 16 to18. A HUGE difference at least in transmission potential. These however, have a lower mortality rate.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is a professor of medicine at Stanford University. He is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and a senior fellow at both the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and the Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute. His background as a doctor, a medical researcher, and an economist makes him uniquely qualified to comment on the pandemic from several perspectives. While Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist on the Coronavirus Task Force, has strong opinions on the nature/statistics/mortality rate of CoVID-19, Dr. Bhattacharya makes a strong case for challenging his opinions, based on economics and science. According to Dr. Fauci and others, the expected mortality rate is 2-4%, But that statistic is “deeply flawed” according to Bhattacharya, and that the actual mortality rate is more like .06%. The facts do not support Fauci’s numbers, nor does it justify the current social and economic policies which have crippled our country in many ways. See:

From my research, I agree with Dr. Bhattacharya. I believe that all of the panic, economic devastation, social distancing mandates, and community lockdown associated with this CoVID-19 pandemic is unwarranted. Sure, there are precautions that should take place, but what we are experiencing is a huge overreaction and lacks common sense. That tends to happen when people are herded into panic mode. What would it look like if we just protected and cared for those most likely at be at risk - the elderly and medically compromised.

There is much more to come that promises to be very intriguing. Doctors speak out: Are we all wrong on the pathology killing so many people? Are ventilators actually CAUSING unnecessary deaths? Are our current CoVID-19 policies actually harming our recovery? Guess who doesn’t want herd immunity to take place? Chloroquine – is it really effective, and if so, how does it work? Are we missing the boat on simple treatment options? What is Bill Gates’ stake in this global crisis? And more…

Queue up your antennas! Look first to get truth between the lines.

Where will this all end? We are all wondering! Go to trusted resources for the answers and be sure to verify the veracity of those sources. One thing is for sure, we all need to stick together and fight our common enemies – the battle is ours to win. We can do this! Go into it without fear, only Truth. All of us, together... Codex for those who know.

This is not about a virus, it is about a system of control!

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