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Doctors - Take them off the pedestal

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I have been a practicing surgeon for thirty-five years. For the first twenty-five, I did everything that most other docs do. I didn’t stray too much from the middle and thought that my training was the best that was available. Like most everyone else in the medical field, I marched to the tune of the training that I received. If you were to ask me about medications, vaccines, hysterectomies, chemo, etc. I would have touted the party line and told you to just do what your doctor is telling you to do. After all, we have the best training in the world, and we know what we are talking about – right? Wrong. My heart was in the right place, but I was naïve, and I contributed through blind trust and arrogance to the illusion that the medical profession, as we have come to experience it, is some sort of a Superhero. There was so much misinformation taught in medical school and residencies by well-meaning professors, and after that by drug reps, the CDC, FDA, NIH, and major research and teaching institutions funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Docs have become automatons, just playing out a role on the stage of life that was taught to us during our medical training. But after years of research and introspection on my role in the healing arts, I have done just about a complete flip on my view of the medical profession, and how I practice my art. Today, I am much more holistic in my approach, using nature’s vast supply of remedies as the first line of defense when something does go wrong. Yes, I still do surgery when needed, and write prescriptions for pain meds and antibiotics when needed, but I am much more inclined to recommend other alternatives that frankly work much better for general health concerns and for supplying the body with essential vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants, etc.

Let me give you some jaw-dropping stats that may help your to appreciate why the allopathic practice of medicine may NOT be where you want to place your complete trust. The top four causes of death in the United States are as follows: Cancer now number 1 replacing heart disease which is number 2. But, here is the shocker. The number 3 cause of death is MEDICAL ERRORS. That right! And that is appalling. But that’s not all. The number 4 cause of death is ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS (ADR) IN HOSPITALIZED PATIENTS. Would you believe there is more? Adding in the outpatient ADR deaths, and ADR nursing home deaths, both of which are not recorded with any semblance of accuracy, and what you get is that the medical profession appears to be the leading cause of death in the United States. There you have it! You can find out more in my new book Your Health Has Been Hijacked.

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