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Made in China

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I was listening to a news report the other day highlighting the fact that 80% of all pharmaceuticals are made entirely in or have components made in China. The implications of what this could do to our pharmaceutical-reliant country are very scary. Another report from May of this year said that even health care providers -- including military hospitals -- do not know where the drugs that they routinely prescribe come from because pharmaceutical companies are not required to publicly disclose the source of their active ingredients in any therapeutic medication or vaccines. The problem is that the two countries providing most of the world’s medication ingredients, China and India, do not have the same safety standards that we may have here in the States.

There are many reason that we, as a society, need to question what is being sold to us by the pharmaceutical industry, but safety certainly heads the list. There are no reliable monitoring systems in place to “insure” that the ingredients coming from these countries are actually safe. And, there are no prospective studies overall that show that some medications like ᴧaks.n are safe.

Would you believe I see patients on as many as 20 medications? And to top it off, among the very real side effects of many of these medications are that they are brain stealers – causing brain disorders including memory loss and the more severe Alzheimer’s. Anti- anxiety and depression medications, opioid analgesics, high blood pressure medications, even cholesterol lowering medications are stealing our memory and causing mental illness. But Wait! That’s not all. Others include medications for bladder disorders, Parkinson’s disease, cold remedies, anti-inflammatory meds, and sleep aids. Want more? How about, muscle relaxants, anti-muscarinics for urinary incontinence, and antispasmodics for relief of cramps or spasms of the stomach, intestines.




Yes, the impact will vary with each person, and yes, there may be a place for meds, but they should be on the bottom of the list and not on the top. There are so many other things to do that are not harmful. Getting into the “habit” of using medications, including over-the-counter meds, for every little ill can be dangerous for your brain and other organs. And when we don’t have our memory, your life is mush. We then need more medication and Big Pharma gladly steps in and gets an even tighter stranglehold on our lives without being noticed. I know from personal experience how that works. Years ago before my “conversion” to natural and healthy lifestyle practices when I was in med school, my mom committed suicide at the hands of the four psychotropic medications that a doctor prescribed for her. These drugs were known to cause side effects like suicide and violent ideation, but no one ever told her or the family. Most doctors do not even read the laundry list of side effects. There are much better solutions to most ills that people face. Stay tuned for those discussions.



And so what of China and India? Who is holding them accountable? Essentially, no one. There may be some superficial efforts, like the investigation that recently found rocket fuel and other harmful ingredients in some batches of high blood pressure meds. But now there is growing concern about all of the contaminated medications that fly under the radar. Rocket fuel in meds! Really? Yep! Levels were found to be up to 210 times the EPA allowable in some pills. While the American Pharmaceutical corruption is bad enough, the kingpin is China, because they provide most of the ingredients. As an aside, imagine the stealth chemical warfare that could be unleashed on a nation if China decided to flex some power.

It’s time to educate yourself on what is truly happening to your health when you buy into the money making marketing scheme of the pharmaceutical industry! Do your research! Learn what is going on and find better solutions that help you take back your health!

I believe that my book, Your Health Has Been Hijacked, will open your eyes to what the pharmaceutical industry is doing to you as they sell you their harmful chemical laden products, and it will give you the tools that you need to make informed decisions toward a healthier life! You can order your book on this website. Click on link below.

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