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New Beginnings

I am starting this new blog page with a very special announcement – The Release of my new book, Your Health Has Been Hijacked And It’s High Time To Take It Back! I hope everyone who reads this post will pass on the information to someone they care about. This is a critical book for critical times and the lives of so many people are at stake if something is not done, and done soon.

The book is the culmination of 12 years of research, and 35 years as a surgeon, and is backed by over 500 citations. It promises to be a riveting expose’ of the health crisis that is harming us and our children, and challenging conventional thought on diagnosis and treatment. What is stealing your health? How about your children? You need to know! Don’t be a victim like my mom who committed suicide at the hands of the pharmaceutical profiteers. From toxic chemicals in every sector of our daily lives, to government and pharmaceutical industry corruption and coverup, to a medical profession that has lost its way, sanctioning sick care over health care, and violating some of the most fundamental principles of the healing arts – we are sicker than ever before! This book will give you the straight up causes of many health disorders and how to treat or avoid them in the future. It contains a Preface – my own not so pretty story, and the 7 chapters listed below.

Chapter 1- The Killing Fields – A Crisis of Human Suffering

Chapter 2 - Epigenetics - Unraveling the Mystery of Who We Are

Chapter 3 - The Brain Drain – Prelude to Orwellian Dystopia

Chapter 4 - Vaccines – Blowing the Lid Off the Deception

Chapter 5 – The Hunger Games – The Keys to Why We are So Sick

Chapter 6 – Total Home Makeover – A Fresh and Clean Start to a Healthy Home

Chapter 7 – New Beginnings – A 5 Part Chapter on what a New You can look like

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Oct 24, 2019

Dr. Reed, I just received my copy of this book today. After hearing you speak on Epigenetics and more at a Young Living event in Medway, OH, I knew this book would be a valuable one to add to our library. Thank you living your life through faith and seeking the truth! I am a grateful follower of the truths you are sharing with the world. With gratitude, Terri

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