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Vaccine Experts - There is a Problem with Vaccine Safety! – Check THIS out!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Vaccines – are they safe? Well, many people claim that they are—and you would think this claim is based on long-term prospective and duplicatable studies – but there are none – studies that is. Why not?? Isn’t that important before a child especially is injected with a list of known toxic chemicals? Of course it is. But most of those who claim vaccines are safe, really don’t know if they are or not – they are just repeating what they have been taught. What is a “safe” vaccine to a vaccine proponent anyway? As Inigo Montoya said to Vizzini The Princess Bride on his constant use of the word “inconceivable,” “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

In this post, we might just get a better idea what a safe vaccine should look like.

Vaccine injections with known toxic immuno-stimulating agents is a very serious matter and can be compounded when inundating the immune system with several antigens and known harmful adjuvants at one time which have not been prospectively tested for safety. The science of immunology as related to vaccines is very complex, very poorly understood, and should be on the forefront of research and development before any vaccine is given. Hopefully, there can be an AMEN to that idea! If you can’t give it now, just read on.

I recently came across a 2015 publication in the National Library of Medicine that raises even more concerns about vaccine safety. In my opinion, this information further implicates the CDC and pharmaceutical industry for negligence in not conducting vaccine safety studies throughout the years. They have already been shown to be co-conspirators by hiding information about the toxicity of thimerosal and aluminum in vaccines. They knew! This publication adds important information to that big picture, but also may pour salt into the wounds of those already harmed by the indiscriminate use of vaccines.

The publication written in the journal Expert Reviews of Vaccines appealed for more research into the adverse events associated with vaccines. It is curious because the authors are very pro-vaccine, are associated government health regulatory agencies, and some hold positions associated with the manufacturers of vaccines. Yet, there is some pointed language about the need to investigate the safety of vaccines. They recognized that vaccine related adverse events do occur, even with childhood vaccines, and that there is a paucity of information related to research on vaccine safety. While the authors’ reference to a study on epilepsy reactions shortly after a childhood vaccines had a very limited focus, it was helpful in confirming the fact that genetics (or epigenetics) can have a major influence on how an infant might respond to a certain vaccine. One size (of a vaccine) does not fit all and can be dangerous as not only noted in this article, but in many other documented cases as well. Read between the lines on this - they would not go so far as to say that vaccines “caused” autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental disorders, but there was enough in the publication to give a clear indication that all is not well in Camelot – there is a connection – I think adding the word "causal” makes them squirm a bit, but they still used it, but as I read it, choosing their words carefully.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is reported to receive <1% of all vaccine reactions. That is a pretty sad commentary to a system that is used so frequently by the pro-vaccine groups to prove that vaccines are safe and that reactions are just not that common. Instead of intellectual honesty based on actual research, they boast of vaccine safety (without substantiation) and shame those (many who are frankly more educated) who may question them. If there is a 1% reporting rate, then what is possible with the other 99%. Also, just ‘cause someone does not have an immediate reaction, does that mean that the intellectual, social, or emotional impairment, or the autoimmune diseases, allergies, ADHD, etc. that may be seen 6 months, a year or 10 years down the road are not related to the vaccines? If so, how do you know that?

As this publication implies, behind the scene there is a recognition at the highest levels that there is something very wrong with the way vaccines are indiscriminately used without adequate safety testing. Despite the “vaccines are safe” chest thumping going on in the public forum, underneath it all is an important admission by some, at least in this publication, that vaccine safety has not been studied in a responsible way and it is time for that to change. While the admission is great, shouldn’t there also be accountability for all of the damaged lives and deaths that have occurred so far from the neglect of those responsible for insuring vaccine safety?

Below is a summary of the publication with excerpts for your edification that may help explain the scope of the neglect with vaccine safety. Whether you vaccinate or not should be up to you. In my opinion, considering the known government and pharmaceutical industry coverups, falsification of data, lack of accountability by vaccine manufacturers, lack of safety testing, proven toxic ingredients, and story after story of children especially being injured from vaccine injections, there should be pause to readily vaccinate. You can find much more in my book, Your Health Has Been Hijacked, which became an Amazon #1 best seller in its category the first week it came out. This just means that many people are searching for a resource that puts it all together in one easy to read and highly referenced (over 500 references) book. .

So, here goes – remember, this is coming from pro-vaccine authors:

· Vaccines are designed to stimulate an immune response to an (injected) antigen and, in so doing, they often produce inflammatory effects.

· A vaccine adverse reaction is defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as “an untoward effect caused by a vaccine that is extraneous to the vaccine’s primary purpose of producing immunity.”

· Vaccine-product reactions may be related to the vaccine antigen(s), another vaccine component, and adjuvant (if present), or a combination of the vaccine antigen(s) and adjuvant.

· Vaccine immunogenicity is influenced by multiple individual patient factors (e.g., age, sex, comorbidities, genetics (I would add epigenetics as well), and vaccine factors (e.g., antigen dose, vaccine delivery mechanism, vaccine schedule, and vaccine adjuvant). These factors may also influence inflammatory responses, which may in turn lead to vaccine adverse effects. My note - These have not been studied to any appreciable degree.

· The term “adversomics” was first introduced in 2009 and refers to the study of vaccine adverse reactions using immunogenomics and systems biology approaches. The field of vaccine adversomics is really an extension of pharmacogenomics (which studies drugs). However, when compared to the field of pharmacogenomics, the field of vaccine adversomics is in its infancy. At this time, these technologies are not being used clinically. The first step in advancing this science is to use adversomics research techniques to understand the mechanisms behind adverse events that have a causal relationship with immunization.

· Compared to the significant focus on vaccine immunogenicity, less attention has been paid to factors that influence immune-mediated adverse vaccine events and the mechanisms behind these events. Understanding and preventing serious adverse vaccine events is critical to improving public trust in vaccine safety…

· The promise of adversomics is to understand the mechanisms behind vaccine adverse events in order to improve vaccine safety and to personalize our approach—offering the right vaccine, at the right dose, at the right time, to the right person. Such an approach offers both safety and economic benefits... Over the next five years, for adversomics research to move from its infancy, researchers from across the translational science spectrum need to partner together; vaccine AEs with causal associations to current licensed vaccines must be identified and thoroughly investigated…

· The principles of “personalized medicine” apply equally to “personalized vaccinology”—by which we mean that the choice of the vaccine administered should take into account critical characteristics of the individual…Not all individuals respond in the same way to vaccines. There is an optimal personalized vaccine approach, consisting of an optimal vaccine formulation, route of administration, adjuvant, dose, and dosing schedule (for vaccines that require multiple doses) for an individual or group of individuals. We have called for the application of “vaccinomics” to help us understand the genetic and non-genetic factors influencing the immune response to a vaccine antigen at the systems level. Similarly, we have called for the development of “adversomics”—the application of immunogenomics and systems biology to understand the genetic and non-genetic drivers of vaccine adverse reactions at the molecular level.

Another interesting example discussed in the publication was that after the 2009-2010 H1N1 flu “epidemic” there was a large flu vaccination campaign in Europe. As it turned out, there was a significant increase in the incidence of narcolepsy in Sweden and Finland during that campaign. There were two different manufacturers that produced the vaccine. One of the vaccines seemed to have caused a significant incidence in narcolepsy, but the other vaccine did not. After some research it was found that there was a difference in the way the flu viral antigens in the vaccine were inactivated. Narcolepsy is considered an autoimmune disease that is caused by a genetic/epigenetic abnormality. It was hypothesized that this difference in the processing of the H1N1 viral antigen produced in the vaccine was the cause of the narcolepsy because the immune system responded differently to one “processed” antigen versus the other.

There are many studies that demonstrate how complex the immune system is. We just don’t understand it enough to go around and flippantly jab needles into people (especially our children) and blindly inject known toxic substances directly into highly vascular muscle tissue. Until we know more, this is lunacy, and fortunately this publication, as perhaps unintentional as it may have been, confirms my thoughts on this matter.

Live Free and Healthy!

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